Forks and coolant questions

Afternoon all,

I’ve posted here in the past when I had a VF1000R, but I just picked up a VF1000F2 yesterday and there are a couple of small issues with it. I wondered if anyone could give me their perspective.

First, there sees to be a bit of play in the forks. When braking or after the front unloads there’s a bit of a ratlle and a sense of there being some play in the forks. It may be the anti-dive, or it might be worn bushes - is there sometimes a bit of a knock form the anti-dive?

Second, the bike ran beautifully for 45 miles home, but when I stopped it immediately puked a little bit of coolant. It may be the PO overfilled it when he topped it up before the sale, or perhaps there’s a head gasket problem or blocked radiator. I don’t think the head gasket has gone, there’s no steam and the gauge is steady at about a third of max.

I’d appreciate your thoughts.


Hi Ian, my FF has just gone through the same scenario which ended up being the thermostat staying shut. The usual symptoms, boiled over but the fan didn’t come on because the rad was cool. After I’d replaced the Thermo, I flushed through the rads but I do think these bikes are sensitive to the amount of header tank fluid you put in. I’m now only putting in just enough to cover the minimum mark.
Getting to your particular question. If on the next run out or even running in the garage, if the rads stay cool there’s a good clue there. Alternatively, it could be the rad cap “blowing” too early i.e. before it gets to max temp. My suggestion is, top up the header bottle ( behind left side panel) but only to min level. Give it a ride and see how things go. I presume you’re happy that the fans cut in when triggered by the rad thermo switch ? That’s behind the headlamp on the top rad there.
Hope that helps a little

Hi Ian,as Marmite says the most likely culprit is a sticking thermostat,the switch for the fans however is located at the bottom of the lower radiator,which is behind the grill in the fairing vee piece.
If the bushes in the forks were worn enough to give the symptoms you have,I would expect the seals to be leaking.
It may be worth a look at the steering head bearings,jack the front end off the ground and see if you can move the forks forward or backward.
Regards Bif