Forks done now the petrol leak returns sometimes

Had this problem last year, the two left carbs leak gallons of petrol I say gallons because it seems enough to leak from the plastic T piece between the left carbs runs great and idles at 1100 so ballanced right.
needle kits fitted
new petrol pipe fitted
new original petrol pump from my brother in the usa fitted
O rings fitted to T piece but think not big enough to seal under 15psi pressure ( 1 Atmosphere ) once carbs are full.

Does this sound correct if so carbs off again before Mot Dam Carple tunnel more pain coming

Could this be the culprit they look small and not wide enough,does dave silver have the right ones ?

Please has anyone got one they can sell me please as this part was made by someone but it leaks so I need to get this replaced
Still hoping to get Her on the road this year :slight_smile:

Gary, I probably have a T piece for that. Give me a p.m. tonight with the lengths of each spur, address etc so we identify the correct one and I’ll post it off before Thursday night when I’ll be incommunicado ( a little place in Spain)
On my BM the carbs kept leaking and it ended up being a float that had become porous. Once changed - bingo.

cheers for the offer now got one coming today i swallowed on a new one job done now just my van mot this morning fingers crossed 8)

hi windy, if i was you i would fit the correct size of “o” ring, here’s a photo of one of the two fuel pipes i fitted to the ff/fe project bike 2 years ago… I also thought the original “O” rings looked too thin so opted for a slightly thicker one… the result is that the slightly thicker “O” ring swells up slightly due to heat and petrol, this makes it virtually impossible to pull the already fragile fuel tube out of the carb without breaking the end off… its the only set of carbs ive fitted thicker “O” rings on, and the only fuel tubes ive broken, both are broken exactly the same.