Front brake caliper upgrade

Hi All,
I have an 85 model VF1000F with breaks that work OK, but I would like to up grade them to a more modern caliper . Any experience with upgrading brakes, recommendations or experiences ?

Welcome Dave,there are several different approaches to improving the brakes.
The first is to get what you have already working to its optimum.
a rebuild of the calipers,paying particular attention to the sliding components.
Use top quality pads,everyone has their preference,I use EBC double H in all mine.
I also use dot 5.1 fluid with braided steel hoses.
I have found that semi floating discs also give an improvement,but as Braking no longer supply them,good used vfr400 discs are about the only available option.
Ascalon has fitted a radial master cylinder to his FF and rates the improvement.
To replace the calipers would involve a change of fork lowers to mount them as the anti dive mechanism is particular to the standard caliper design.Not a problem if you want to change to a 17" front wheel and use CBR1000f components but the later brakes,even though they use larger diameter discs,are no great improvement.
Teambifs FE RF and Boldor all use the standard caliper and master cylinder with stainless pistons and slide pins along with the previously mentioned mods,and brake well with no fade.
Best regards Bif

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Thanks for your comments bif. I have upgraded the suspension with a YSS shock and changed the forks to oil and shims. Works well. Turns better with the ride height adjuster all the way up at the rear. I have no concerns with stability. The original engine runs well. I have rebuild the master cylinder and currently all the other parts are original (except new pads). I find the braking to be very average. They work but I would not be too keen to do an emergency stop. I will look at rebuilding the slave cylinders, upgrading to braided lines and using EBC double H pads. I have an 18 inch front tire on my 85 model, it seem fine with no problems.

I will have to respray the bike. I like the original tri colours. My 85 model had the blue and gray. It is boring. I can not believe they changed the rear body work from the original great slim look to the 85 model fat & ugly look. What are your thoughts about painting it the original White, blue and red colours on the 85 model? Do you think it would work ? Or should I stick to the original boring blue and grey !

Gooday Dave,
yes the blue grey 85 models have a pretty fat arse compared to the earlier model. I`ve got one! It is possible to modify, or fit the earlier subframe so you can mount the earlier panel.