Front brake not bleeding up?

Hi All,
having trouble getting my front brakes to bleed, have tried bleeding numerous times, plus overnight cable tie trick, which improves it for a while, then back to spongy and into the grip travel.
Done so far:

new ss lines throughout
rebuilt calipers and new pads
tried rebuilt and new m/cyl - same result

My next step tomorrow will be to bleed the calipers by cracking the lines at the calipers. If that fails I`ll try cracking it at the line fitting on m/cyl, but I really want to try to avoid wrecking the paintwork.
Am I missing something?

pressure bleed them one at a time
pump up the leaver about 30 times then hold it in then open the first valve with a clear pipe on it then close it fast repeat till it gets harder
then the other one

mine were pigs also

I use a plastic syringe attached to a tube on the end of the open nipple, pull in the brake lever and pull the fluid through. You can pick up the syringes in chemists. Once you’ve got some fluid through you can revert to normal method

You didn’t mention if you were actually getting air out when rebleeding the system.
I had a similar problem which I got round by taking the callipers off the discs and pumping the pistons out past the point that the disc would fit in.
Then I eased the pad back until the caliper would just slide onto the disc,no more long lever.

Hi Bif and All,
good point, no air bubbles! Will try your tip, thanks

Looks like your tip has worked Bif, eased both calipers off, bled heaps, and reinstalled - better feel now. Have tied lever back to leave overnight and try in the morning. Have an oil leak to fix where oil cooler lines join the sump, and then time for a test thrash!
Hopefully have good hard feel now.
Thanks Greg

Success, woohoo,thanks Bif!
Nice firm lever now, as usual your comprehensive knowledge has pulled me out of the VF maze.
Amazing to think that via the ww interwebby and quite a few electrons and binary do das the global village is a reality.
Re oil leak: My judgement that the leak was where the lines join the sump was incorrect. The leak appears to be where the elbow screws into the oil mod spacer plate. The leak is only slight, but given my long history of brit iron, I find it amusing that Ive created a leak on a Honda, very Ironic. Anyway, off for a thrash- ozzie for riding swiftly whilst avoiding speed cameras, to looka at surprise surprise- some VF parts for sale. Its now the start of a few months of great autumn riding weather here in Canberra, before our winter weather sets in- very cold and frosty/dry, which you would probably kill for over there in Brexit land.
Thanks again mate!


Brake Bleeding System for DIY enthusiasts:

  • Aquarium air pump (as vacuum pump),
  • 12V motor speed controller,
  • Jar from kitchen,
  • 2 IV sets from home junk
  • Old battery from home junk.
    Worked !!! Good Luck!!!


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