Front fork probs 1000ff

I have a 1984 ff with anti dive on the left fork leg. I have recently replaced oil seals in both legs, replaced seals and bushes in anti dive, refilled forks with ATF according to workshop manual volumes. All is fine except on occasions when I have to brake sharply at relatively low speeds, ie when forks are weight loaded, I experience a definate ‘clunk’ at the bottom of travel. Cant work out if I have tired springs or need a heavier fluid in a different quantity then manual says, I am no lightweight though 130 kg 21 Didn’t have the problem when seals were leaking, but can’t think of anything I could have done wrong on reassembly. Any ideas Fellas ?

Hi Roger

Have a look at this thread:

It may give you the solution. Keep us up to date as I have the same issue :wink:


Hi Rodger,It’s worth a double check that the oil lock piece on the bottom of the right damper rod is properly .There is a cutout for the end of the drain bolt to fit into.If the cutout is not aligned the lockpiece will sit on top of the bolt at an angle and will give the symptoms you described.Regards BIF

Thanks guys, I am not going to strip the forks just yet, gr8 weather ! The problem is there but not reall troublesome. Will post at a later date to let you know results. Thanks again.