Front fork springs upgrade

VF1000ff here am thinking of upgrading springs as I have bottomed out a couple of times this year. I am a big guy 6ft 4 and a hefty 19 st (120g) so basically am asking for advice on wether to fit Hagon progressive or Hyperpro progressive. Or should I fit new standard and maybe put a heavier oil in? Any advice welcome guys, thanks in advance…

Roger, sadly I have no advice for you but could you let me know what you do and how it works out?
I am a similar weight (without the height) so what works for you should work for me.
Regards, Tony

Hi rogerinleeds
I fitted springs for a vf1000r which are linear and calculated for the weight of the bike and rider from sonic springs in the usa go on their web site and use the spring calculator they work out cheaper than hyperpro even with the extra customs charge much firmer than standard you can ditch the anti dive aswell ;D

Although a tad lighter (100kg only… lol), I had the same problem on the VF/G and cured it,at a price, with a pair of WP springs… Hagon’s must have been cheaper!

Skinny here (76 kg) who changed original front springs to progressive Hagons. Not bottoming anymore even with old lady (weight is secret, hahaa) sitting on the backseat. I was not so happy with Hagon in the rear, but that is another story, lots of adjustment was necessary.

You wont get what youre after by putting thinker oil in them, thatll just make things worse as they`ll take a little longer to spring back to their original position. Before going for new springs ( the most fail proof option ) have you thought about putting a small spacer between the spring and the top cap ? Might work and a lot cheaper.

Martin do you know how long the original spacers are? Mine may not be standard after all these years but the spacers in mine were from memory about 200mm or 8 inches long with quite short springs.

Thanks for all the contributions guys, have decided to fit Hagon progressives and standard oil weight and quantity after talking to a guy who knows more about these things than i do. I will post results next spring after my first road test of them, Going to get fork legs powder coated as well while I have them in bits…
Have just done tappets and got front cam box powder coated, looks great, Triple S at Bingley, brilliant, used them a few times now. Carb balance in the New Year when I am thinking of putting it back on the road.