Front suspension adjustment

Chaps, can someone help please with explaining the best method of setting up front suspension. I have a technical manual but this just tells me how to take it apart etc.
Basically, the front end on my FF is too hard and I get a slight weave at high speed. Im well aware this could be caused by the rear end but Im going to concentrate on the front first.
There is no air pressure in the left hand fork leg and I haven`t touched the Anti Dive yet but exactly what is the right fork top adjuster meant to do ? It seems to want to revolve the whole rod which goes down right to the bottom of the fork itself ?
Anyone ?


It’s a good question. I have spoken to my Honda dealer (and others) it seems that no one knows what all the little knobs do! I now run my fronts at 0psi because I was running at 4 and the seals kept blowing.

I run original springs, oil as prosrcibed in manual, air at 0 to 2 (blow seals as already said at any more, rear on 35psi, handles beautifully for carting a great lump like me around, 120 kg !

Logic says if rod goes down to bottom of oil filled tube with adjuster at top it must restrict oil using holes in rod.
Air is in both legs not just one ,joined by pipe.
I use hand pump to fill forks with air not a forecourt pump or airline as it will you guessed it blow the seals.

5psi max in the forks

The anti dive restricts oil flow in just one leg

PS anyone got a coil pack they can sell me.

Thanks gentlemen, will spend some of this weekend fettling it according your info.


Lloyd is dead right, it is a damper adjustment knob and depending on the oil weight in your forks it will firm up the forks to a degree if rotated clockwise if memory serves, the reverse if rotated counter-clockwise by restricting the flow of oil through damper holes in the damper rod that locates in the bottom of the fork leg.