Fuel cap noise vent?

Hi guys, finally got my paint set back and all on. Have had a roadworthy done , and now registeted, put about 80 klms on and all seems well, but i noticed when i got home the fuel cap was hissing , is the cap vented? Could it be blocked? I’ll take some pics of the bike resto over the weekend to post up

Fuel cap has built in release valve for fuel vapor. Mine hisses when I blow on the fuel line with tank closed but if extreme temperature occurs it could hiss by design.

Can you put some photos of your paint job up please Tony

Hi jeffo, I’ll take some pics on the weekend, they turned out a treat, ended up $1250 total

That is a great price and result Tony.
I had mine passed by the club today for rego so I will just ride it like it is until I can get a chance to have it painted.
Faded side