Fuel Filter.

The old girl needs a new Fuel filter. There is one on Dave Silvers site for an FE part number: 16900371004 is this the same for an FF?

It seems the fuel filter is pretty generic given the low part number compared with other VF parts are there others to choose from?

In the winter I shall be sealing and treating the tank to get rid of all the crud and stop the problem at root cause.

This filter fits the FE and RE,all other models use part number 16900-MB6-631.Regards BIF

Anyone know off hand what the fuel line diameter is to and from the filter should be either 6mm or 8mm. Have a company making replacement filters at 1/3 the cost just need diameter.

Dave Silver has the filter you need for a tenner.Without pulling a filter off a running bike I dont know what the inlet and outlet diameters are.

Thanks Bif I have order a DS one but the crap in the tank seems to clog them up quite fast so a few cheap ones may be useful until I can clean out and seal the tank. I’ll post the fuel line size here for reference when I’ve fitted the DS filter.