Fuel gauge vf1000fe

Vf1000fe fuel gauge prob.
Can anyone explane why when tank full the fuel gauge dont work when u r accelerating but when coasting or sitting at a steady speed it works fine.
Allso when down to half a tank it works normaly.
Fried my brain thinking about it

I just stopped believing it so I zero the trip
but then if thashed 25mpg taken easy 50mpg

I would imagine the slider is worn in a particular area or worn through on the copper slide sensor, I would buy a second hand one. Not normally a issue on these bikes

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Tried two sender units in tank. Surely both cant have the same problem

Hi Graham mate the only other possibility is to try and directly put the earth wire to gaude directly to earth then ride it if the gauge reads constantly full with no flickering at all you can assume gauge and wiring are OK, I think you may have a faulty earth, but try it and see mate, looking forward to seeing you bud

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Thanks paul i still wouldnt know where to look. Think ill just cross my fingers and hope it works.
Ive booked tuesday of aswell after our trip. Lookin forward to seeing u all. How many r comeing on trip

There are seven confirmed for the trip this year at least three of which do not have a fuel gauge,working or otherwise,the R was not fitted with one.
We will all need fuel at approximately the same time so I don’t anticipate any problems.
Regards Bif

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Thanks bill took mine out for another run today. Feul gauge works sometimes. Hay ho thats beter than nothing… think only chain to oil and should be good to go

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Hi,ive just acquired a 1985 vf100fe off a chap who spent the last 2.5 yrs making sure the bike was perfect mechanically.He assured me it starts on the button hot or cold,so when the courier dropped the bike off I started her up no prob.The next day (14.3.19) I gave her a good wash down (no powerspray),left her for 3 hours and started up on 3 cylinders.Obviously water has got in somewhere,managed a 6ml run with it chiming in and out of all 4 pots.Just wondering if a change of the front 2 plug caps will cure it,and after filling up with gas the fuel gauge doesn’t work,so much for a sorted bike.

Hi there, check the plug at the rear of the tank, if it is connected ok then you can unplug it and try shorting out the plug on the main harness with a piece of wire, the guage should show a full tank. If it does then the problem is with the sender in the tank if it still shows an empty tank then you have a wiring fault and should check the wiring for the gauges. The spark plug caps are part of the leads and im not sure if there are any aftermarket alternatives as they form a seal to stop water getting into the spark plug holes. Ive had the same fault as you with one cylinder miss firing when it rained and replaced the defective lead with a genuine honda one, i did find the old one had split so may have been repairable with heat shrink.


Many thanks Gary,i was going to buy some long straight ngk caps,but I don’t know if they will fit now.

you can still get the angled ngk black caps as i fitted them to my bike
you will learn a lot on these bikes

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Do you know which cylinder is misfiring?Although the standard caps seal the plug area,Honda have wisely provided a drain hole for each one.Be sure it’s clear,spray with a water dispersant and try again.
Long NGK caps work just fine
Regards Bif

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Cheers Bif,i think its the front right (offside) cylinder,do the ngk caps screw onto the honda leads ok.After a night in the shed having put her away nice and hot,she started up on all 4 this morning,but not tried her under load.The fuel gauge works when ground to earth like Gary suggested,so ive sent off for a float/sender unit,thanks everyone.

Yes the caps screw directly on to the leads,it’s worth the cost to replace the lead too with a good quality copper cored one.
I may be a little biased but these are great old bikes and if you don’t have any other problems the previous owner has done you proud.
Enjoy and keep in touch,regards Bif

Many thanks Bif,although she is a heavy old girl I really like the look of her,and I will give it a good run out soon.Although the bike is totally original,the engine is really clean and shiny black,but the bodywork looks 34yrs old with plenty of marks and touched up scratches which I think one calls patina,a real old warhorse.By the way is there anywhere that does black chroming,the silencers are in quite good nick,just a few grazes underneath.I spoke to the previous owner after receiving the bike and he was gutted that I had this misfire,as he had regularly ridden in wet weather,although not far,he had only done 500mls in 2.5yrs,and hadn’t noticed the fuel gauge not working!Cheers Graham.

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Finally got my fuel gauge working. Changed the gauge no joy so changed sender unit in tank.
So far so good.