Fuel leak where tap fits into the tank

Hi, my first problem with my new purchase is I have fuel pouring out of the fuel tap surrounds, where it fits into the tank. I’m assuming it will be a new fuel tap I will require to fix my issue. Before I pull it all apart I thought I would ask some advice. Thanks in advance

Cheers Tony

Hi Tony, I’ve had problems with the rubber seal behind the tap in the past. I bought a new one only last week from fowlers in Bristol, I was ordering some rubber grommets for the fairing on a VF1000R and noticed they had the seal in stock so got one just in case I need one in the future, you may be able to get one from David silver also.


thanks mate good idea

One trick Ive had luck with in the past, and again a couple of weeks ago- the tap alloy seems to warp slightly, and cup away from the bolt holes in the centre. Ive faced the Oring surface off with a large fine file- it seems to level it back out, and increases the crush on the rubber?


Good idea speedy, I fitted a new tap and that cured all the problems but the old tap had a new three ring gasket and it still leaked so your trick may have worked on that. Will give it a go next time one leaks.

Maybe it is the rubber inside the tap. There are repair sets available.

If it is “only” this tripple o-ring, that is still available. I would start there first by replacing it. If it doesn’t help, you have to repair the tap inside.

I know it’s an old post but I have a spare tap for a 1000f if any use