Fuel pump not running woes


been busy today, after the problem with the little filters in carbs suffered on Scottish trip also decided to investigate the fuel pump issue also suffered in Scotland though not as serious. removed all crimped connections and soldered spade connectors on instead, even used some nice heat shrink insulation on joins so hopefully next trip i wont have to keep everyone waiting while i mess round with the wiring again.



have just retried pump and it did not run! but this gave me the opportunity to fault find properly and found the relay itself to be at fault, when i moved the coil wire on the relay it started up, replaced relay and now all fine though soldering all the connections has at least made the system better in the long run. the moral is don’t trust relays from a major car manufacturer! won’t name names but i do work for them!



We have had various things happen on our trips Gary. one year everyone had to wait around for me while i refilled my cooling system at every stop. Goes with running 33 year old bikes.
I got home with only 3 gears this time so engine and box strip coming up for me!


At least I only had to strip carbs and rewire fuel pump circuit, don’t envy you having to strip entire engine! Carbs all done and back on and wiring sorted just waiting for new fuel filters and I should be back running again. Good luck with gearbox, ive got two engines as spares if you need anything though I’m sure bif has more spares than the rest of us put together. See you soon.



Glad you got sorted, but for reference, the relay from the CBR600F, VFR750F, and a few others, even though not the same part number, works just fine too.


Thanks, I’ve left the original wiring in so can go back to the honda method if required though I never liked the idea of driving the relay off the output from ignition, much prefer to run it off live from kill switch.



Thanks for the offer Gary, I will bear it in mind. Going to get started on it on Monday.


Post plenty of pics, I’ve always wanted to know what to look out for in the gearbox that causes this fault. Good luck.