Gday from new member groov

I got my first vf750f in 91 when I was about 23yo.
I got my second 750f when i was about 45yo.
Im 55 now and have recently(10 months ago) aquired two 1000r bikes.
I have just finished rebuilding one of the 1000r motors,
My first v4 rebuild,Quite a job, lots of work.
The 1000r motor seems to to be quite a bit over engineered.(heavy might be another term}
I only have to sort out the carbs and install the motor.
Ive never riden an
1000r before, cant wait!
cheers groov


You’ll love it!, Welcome to the group!

Thanks Viffer
I wll up date the progress on this bike as I go.
cheers groov.

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You will like it! Quick question - did you have to change crank or rod bearings? Sources?

Not at all the bottom end was perfect.
The workshop manual provides two sets of service schedules, one for street and one for competition use.
The bottom end is understessed when not used on built like a brick shit house.
Honda spent millions of dollars back in the day on the fws 1000 race project trying to win Daytona.
But as always every donk is different. Measure everything, the micrometer(plastygauge) never lies.
That is only my opinion.
Cheers groov.

They’re a wonderful bike and I’ve just finished a full nuts and bolts restoration on my 1985 Honda VF1000r. I have two more that I’ll be restoring as well as a VF1000f Interceptor I restored and another one of those. If you need parts, I just bought a huge lot of VF1000r parts and might have what you need. Unfortunately I don’t have much plastic stuff other than a couple of okay fairings.


Cheers Tony
You sound like a good man to know,
Congratulations, Your bikes are eye candy.
the bike I

m doing now is an 86 1000r and the other one
i have to rebiuld is an 84 1000r,im sure ill need parts as i go.
What part of the world are you in?
regards groov