Gear change lever lateral slop

Can any learned member give me some pointers?

The gear lever on my FF has a lot of lateral slop, much more than is necessary for free operation. It’s as though there are a couple of shims missing or the pedal / spindle is excessively worn.

Left / Right is sloppy, but up / down doesn’t seem to be (but that’s probably because of the linkage), nor is there any significant free play if the lever’s twisted.

Can the lever pivot be shimmed, or is it a replacement job? I can’t see any washers that should be there on the parts schematic.

Thanks for your help.

Had exactly the same - I looked at reaming and bushing the lever, but found that a shim washer (actually a “bent” one with a bit of curl in like a very thin Belleville washer) took up the end float and tightened it up sufficiently to lose the majority of the slop.