Gearbox problems

Hello all, I recently bought an 86 VF1000FF cheap off ebay. needed a few things - fork seals, exhaust looked like might need a bit of welding but nothing too drastic. Couple of weeks of ownership and the gear selection is now very stiff (had been fine). At cold it changes fine but as soon as its warm (i.e. quite quickly, it becomes stiff to change). Blipping the throttle between changes makes the change go ok (uh oh!).

Took it to my local bike mechanic who reckons the gearbox is knackered and too costly to fix.

Any comments, ideas, is it fixable? I’m not a mechanic so pulling the whole thing apart and rebuilding is I think not an option :frowning:


First thing did with my machine was change the oil and filter because you will not know whats been put inside.
semi synthetic is best.The oil Should get better and thinner as it gets hotter up to temperature, Remember its old tech but fun .
After putting back on the road my vf1000fe started to miss gear shifts but I found that the gear leaver was hitting itself and a bit of manual adjustment cured the problem

Check the clutch is bled properly and maybe the plates in the clutch could be worn or clutch springs 116bhp is quite a lot to deal with

hope this helps[:)]

I wonder if the shift mechanism is binding up? To get at that you need to take the right side cover off and remove the clutch basket,download the manual and have a look at the section on transmission and see what you think.
It’s a fairly fiddly setup but you can remove the shaft and selector, then at least you can see if the drum (internal)or shift mechanism is the problem.

Good luck!

thanks - I didnt think it would be the shift mechanism as it works fine when its cold? Have got the manual will have a look and see how tricky it is. I can wield a spanner with the best of them but once you start talking torqs and the like I lose the plot (a lack of tools will also be the problem there!).


I would think that if it shifts OK when cold and blipping the throttle when its hot gives a good shift then its almost certainly a clutch problem. Start by changing the clutch fluid and making sure that side is all OK, but to be honest it sounds more likely to be in the clutch itself. Maybe the plates are swelling when hot due to oil contamination, causing the clutch to drag due to inadequate clearance.
Good luck.[8D]

Maybe instead of using a clutch cover gasket the PO may have used a sealant, reducing the clearance to the clutch cover?
Even with no clutch bikes will shift normally without binding so I don’t think its the clutch. Next time you want to put that to the test, just change up gears without using the clutch, you will find it will change very easily.
I think planty is on the right track with gear selector binding with heat expansion or maybe binding somewhere else like the shift drum but that is less likely.