God save the king the engines bloody in!

Gday Vif , Bif and gang.
Due to the NSW govenments immense generosity and loyalty to the old dart,
we get a long weekend for Charlies birthday, and its warmly welcomed by Monarchists
and Republician alike here in Oz.
I chose to spend most of mine working on the aforementioned 1000r.
About 29 hours of it cleanig, cleaning and a bit more cleaning and some regreasing
and some more cleaning some retapping and replacing dodgy fastners, bit of painting, some lots and lots of scratching my head
All tragic bike restorers know " it cant go back on dirty bent or not shiny".

This particular bike was purchase with a new 15 year old fairly average paint job cobbled back together
for sale with the motor seperate with missing broken and bent bits and 2 water stained bores.
but cosmedically very good coplete, straight condition and 95% all there.

Bits purchased for engine included missing right hand crankcase cover, broken starter idle gear,1 missing valve 1 slightly bent valve “complete loaded rear head purchased”, new rings gaskets etc etc…
After a good hone the bores were within service limits and the pistions spec d up fine.
the rest of the engine is in good to very condition"incuding the cams",the bike shows 71k on the clock.
I sourced parts from England, the Nederlands, Croatia, the U.S.A, Greece, Japan, Germaina, Canadia,
and Australia.
And finally 1 hour putting the engine in, lots to do before i test and run the donk,fingers crossed.
11 months since purchase of said bikes.
Pictures to follow, I hope i didnt bore you too much,
Regards groov.


Gooday @groov,
I’m a staunch republican, but appreciate any day off, even though semi retired now.
Interested to hear your journey with your R, I’m part way along a similar track with one. You know how it goes- 2 steps forward, one step back!
My cams are currently being reground, considering getting some rockers refaced also.
Whereabouts in Oz are you, I’m from Canberra. Aim is oneday to have a get together of VF riders and bikes.
Keep us informed of your progress, hopefully your R will roar to life soon!

Who is doing your cam grinding mate?

Gday Speedygp and DonR
The cams were pretty good,they went back in with a polish,
The cams where used,but i think the last bloke replaced at least some of them .the heads were off this bike when i got it. and as i said it was missing some bits and it came in a tea chest, jam jars and icecream tubs.
Ps i have another 1000r to rebuild and those cams will need work, let me know how your regrind goes please Speedy. who did you use?
regards groov.

pps Speedy,
Im in the Northern Rivers near Nimbin,
My family is from down Bathurst way,
I get down south quite a bit.
cheers groov

Northern Rivers, great another near local VF.
Looks like you have a Transac exhaust collector, they are a nice lightweight solution.
Cams are currently up with Ivan Tighe Engineering in Brisbane 07 3271 6001
I’ll give them a call today to check progress.
I had got VF 1000 FF cams ground and racebike cams previously, they did an excellent job. I’ll check to see if they can reface and regrind rockers also.

Gooday Don
Cams are currently up with Ivan Tighe Engineering in Brisbane 07 3271 6001
I’ll give them a call today to check progress.
I had got VF 1000 FF cams ground and racebike cams previously, they did an excellent job. I’ll check to see if they can reface and regrind rockers also.
Give me a call if you need to chat

Just re read your original post @groov , where you said you had another R to rebuild. Did you buy them about a year ago from near Brisbane? There was a bloke selling 2, one mostly complete, and another with the engine out. I spoke to him and he quickly bargained himself down to $5k for both.

Thats them speedy
They were cheap.
But lots n lots of work…so far so good,
just finish fork rebuild,one more bit done.

ps speedy
thanks for the info on your cam work,
very good to know

@groov will let you know how the cam
Grinding goes

Another weekend spent with the big girl.
Ive named her Rosie

as in the AC/DC song.
“She aint exactly pretty, she aint exacty small,
but at 260 kg Rosies got it all.”
Vale. Bon Scott.

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gday all,
Seasons greetings
Its been a while since my last update.
Im very glad to say I fired up and rode the big girl
for the fist time Christmas eve.What a present.
Still a bit to do before she’s on the road,But the main thing is it runs beautifully,
(sounds fantastic).



Hey Groov- that’s some great success right there. I’m Murray from Ocean Shores (just up the road!), just completing an engine rebuild, should be running in a week or 2. I joined a local bike club, and so club rego is on the cards.

Well done @murr223 Murr223 , another Aussie R out on the road.
Mine is still a little way off

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Wow. That’s looking very wow!

Just a clean up. Frame repainted and prepping forks for paint. Getting seat recovered, but all the rest will be as it was pulled apart many years ago. Probably will fit the Lazer stainless 4-1 just to annoy the purists.
I’m away for most of next month, but hoping on getting it running asap after that.
I really want to ride it!

gday Muzz n Speedy
I was over Ocean Shores yesterday on my old fireblade. great part of the world.
looks like we are at about the same stage.Im so close to getting the big girl on club rego,
but for work n stuff.im hoping, end of the month on the road if not before.
Then i sopose we should go for a ride to Canberra ay Speedy.

That’ll be another 3 on the road again, and I see @DonR has his going also.
Might be time then for a local R mini rally somewhere?

Hi Greg, that was my brother’s bike. I’m working on an F and that’s a long way off!. Our racer is close though.