had a top weekend with the Bol

Roads were nice and dry this afternoon so took the Bold’or for a nice ride.I fitted my Tom Tom Rider yesterday and wanted to test out the headset.To fit the sat nav i took off the fuse box cover drilled four 5mm holes to match the fixings on the back of the unit and screwed it on with mastic to seal the holes i drilled.It is neat as.It sits low between the clocks just under the temp gauge and is in perfect position to view without obscuring anything.I threaded the power wire through the frame and connected it to battery terminals and cable tied it to other wiring that runs that way.The headset works a treat even at 90mph so i was well chuffed.
I played with the worn out suspension to try and get some sort of road holding and ended up not too bad.Number four on the antidive,3 on the fork damping,max presure in the rear shock and the damping pulled out as far as it would go and the bike was transformed from outright dangerous to quite respectable.I dont ride fast,late brake or anything like that but i do like to ride smooth and flow corner to corner.Now the Bol lets me do that where as on the soft settings as i bought it it would just drift wide and not want to turn at all.You could not throw it about,its not that sort of bike but i loved every minute of it.My Bol has a really good smooth motor and the bike is fast without feeling fast.You do get some buffeting off the top of the screen so i might invest in one of the MRA adjustable screens,About a £100 i think.My brother has one on his Kaswasaki Versys and raves about it.Just had one of my best weekends this year,Wife,kids,dog and bikes.Life is good in the Crooky house.
Hope some of you guy’s have had a chance to be out and about.

Sounds like fun crooky!
I just started two weeks holidays and after spending all weekend catching up on other jobs I finally sat down today and started putting the VF engine back together, hopefully I can make some decent progress in the next two weeks [:D]

As I work from home I have been out a few times on the FF. Just getting used to it really. I think I’ll try resetting the suspension as Crooky has done mine seems a bit skittish. Still need to get the carbs off again to check the diaphragms as its still no good after 6k funny how its always busy when you what to do a few jobs on the bike!

The air pressure in the rear and the front were miles out when I bought mine so have 40 in the back 6 in the front as rec. I set the top screw to 4 and 3 on the trac and have the stop pulled right out because the Daughters are almost always on the back. I just wish I could afford to get rid of the gobbing neta cans it has on and get something more in keeping with how it should look and sound. But it needs to find some more top end grunt. 95-100 and its about out of puff. It really struggles to 130 and then I just give up ! I love the way ot passes traffic though and on the two moments of stupidity when I was too hot into a bend it just went down with a gentle push on the inside bar and turned in and no drama…not that getting the knee down is the way I ride or intend to ride, Just as anyone who rides the Snake or Cat and Fiddle, the bends do sometimes catch you out a wee bit.(note… never with the kids on the back)

I was just wondering ,mine is an F2F what is an F2G? cant find any photos or description … Anyway Happy Birthday bike 25 this week big hug !!!

At 100mph you should just be getting to the good power not running out of puff.I have Neta cans on my 500 and i like them,look better than the stock ones.

F2f is -85, and F2g is -86, produced only for Spanish markets, less than 100 bikes. Info based on this link: http://www.honda-v4.com/sabmag/framecodes/vf1000f2.gif

Thanks that makes my bike 5th from the last ever built