Hand controls

Both the front master cylinders are leaking around the sight glass. I’m going to be upgrading the rotors and brake line so I figured I’d do the same with the controls. Not having much luck finding aftermarket hydraulic controls though. Anyone know of some that would work and where to get them?

Also has anybody ever used brake lines that bypass the front splitter? Using a double banjo bolt at the master cylinder and having the lines go directly to the calipers?

I have done both: My VF1000F is fitted with a double banjo and direct lines on the original brake control while my VF II is fitted with a XX1100 blackbird master cylinder wich gives a huge improvement in breaking power!

Has anyone tried decreasing the master cylinder piston size? I believe stock is 16mm. Anyone try a 12.5-14mm for more feel on the controls?

??? I think,I upsized the master cylinder… And I switched for braided stainless steel brake hose,security first, f… originality!

I’ll be putting new stainless lines/rotors/pads on this winter… Increasing the piston diameter in the master cylinder would decrease lever travel but increase lever hardness… Standard pistons are 16mm. did you change anything other than the lines in the VF?

anybody ever use shindy or nissin hydraulic cylinders? thinking about getting the clutch and the brake master cylinders… leaning towards the shindy

The one on the VF 1000 FII is a Nissin. On the VF1000F, I just changed the lines and on my VF1000R, I’m planning a radical change with a GSXR radial master cylinder and braided hoses. (A GSXR item, just because I was given one)

Does anyone know if the sight glass for the vf750 is the same as the vf1000?