Handlebar switches

Does the VF1000Fe 84’ model share switches with any of the other Honda’s of that era, my switches have bleached and look crap[:(] I have tried painting them and they look worse[:o)]…Phil.

Early cbr1000,the jellymould ones use the same switchgear
regards BIF

FYI: Halfords do a black “plastic paint” that seems to sink into the plastic, giving a nicesatin black finish… I haven’t done switchgear with it, but I had very good results when retro-fitting electric windows into a car… The parts were 2nd hand… Donor car had a blue interior, recipient car had black interior… I stripped all the plastics and put them through a quick wash in the dishwasher (Er Indoors was out…) Two coats of the paint and you’d have sworn they’d always been black… Only sprayed the visible sides, but the whole item turned black, right the way through…


Thanks for that, its the plastic bumper paint isnt it? I have used it before but forgot about its existence and it is quite good[8D] I been suffering from twopackitus and spray everthing with it[:o)]

I went the brand new left hand switch route from Dave Silver. I got one for a CBR1000FH/J. Exactly the same unit, except the wiring harness was much shorter and had different connectors on the end(same number and colour coded wires, just split between less connectors). All I did was change all the innards over so I had the VF wiring inside the CBR switch and it’s perfect! Just be carefull of the pass and horn switches cos you got to bend a little metal tab to remove/refit them, and they are very thin and fragile, but other than that, pretty straightforward. I now have ‘new’ factory finish switches!