Head Gasket and Rings

Does anyone know where the heck I can find piston rings and head gaskets? I’m really not interested in paying nearly $800 quoted me by the Honda shop.

Yeh, i have not seen them on ebay and they have nearly every bike you could think of.
Try asking some of the high end head gasket sellers on there, they may have them but not listed.
Good luck.

try a piston manufacturer like Hepolte, they must be standard size rings,for the gaskets on ebay as a whole top end kit are online regulary

Lloyd in Norwich[:D]

hi, try www.powersportsplus.com they have ring sets (13011 mm5 640) for vf1000f listed at about 30 dollars a set, theres plenty of gasket sets on english ebay, and most sellers will ship abroad, hope this helps

very interesting site indeed[:D]

Gee, I guess I’d better lurk the ebayz for a while and see what comes up. Thanks!