Headlight mounting brackets indentification

Unfortunately, the brackets that were recently sent to me are not the brackets I needed. Right part number but wrong brackets. I hope somebody would be able to identify these brackets in hopes to resell them and recover some of my expense.

If anyone knows what bike these brackets belongs to let me know.

Just my luck, I have every part I need for the twin headlight conversion with the exception of the brackets. :’(

Thanks, Ed

That’s a serious let down Ed,the brackets you have there should have a suffix of 670 not 000
They fit a single headlight VF1KR
Regards Bif

Yes it was a serious let down, but I got to keep pushing on. Just a minor setback. These brackets fit but the headlight mouting hole sit much lower than my stock ones. I’m thinking the 1985 VF1000F2 Bol’or because those don’t have the grill on the fairing.

Would kinda make sense for that set up. But I am having trouble finding any info on that particular model.

You have a great pic of the prototype BolDor,The production version has a smaller top grill above the headlamp and the same lower grill underneath it as the R.
I think Canada got the Bol but the US didn’t,I have one and it doesn’t use brackets at the top of the lamp but bolts directly to the fairing bracket.
Regards Bif

Well hell, there goes that theory. ;D

After looking at my stock brackets your right. The brackets appear to be similar; it was the length of the new brackets that threw me off. So back to square 1. Now to figure out which VF these brackets went too. Will do a little more research to narrow it down the right.

On a good note I completed the LED/HID wiring harness install on my VF1000R. It is amazing how much brighter the light is now that the headlight feeds off the battery. Was a simple install with the harness I picked up and I now have two headlight plugs that will feed into the new twin lights using the single plug with relays. Relays can mount on the radiator shroud on the right side there is room barely but room. I have to finish editing the tutorial, hopefully this week and I will push it out on you tube.

I am also thinking of fabricating brackets using the existing brackets or maybe even the new ones they are longer and would work better. Still thing on that one, hate to hack up the new brackets until I find out which bike it really goes too and I don’t own a welder any longer which would be easier to fab. I just might just do something temporary just to get the twin conversion over or just go back to the single light until brackets for the twin light show up at some point.

Bif, do you remember the distance between the headlight and the horn?

Ed, if you remove the strange almost S shaped bracket on the horn and mount it directly on the fairing frame there is plenty room
Regards Bif

Thanks for the info Bif. 8)


So I wanted to take another shot at these brackets maybe my existing brackets and the ones I received side by side may jog someone memory I hope. The outside brackets are off my VF1000R.

Anyone want to take a crack identifying the longer brackets.