Hello From Brooklyn, NY

Hello all!
I’m new to the board, pleased to meet you. I’m just about to pick up my newest toy, a 1984 VF1000F. It’s a helluva bike, unfortunately acquired by someone recently deceased but I plan on running that bike a lot in it’s previous owner’s honor. Anyway, he stocked it to the gills. Ohlins rear suspension, Hindle 4-2-1 exhaust, oil feed mod, Lindemann front suspension, 52 tooth chain and sprockets, safety wired, heated grips, the list goes on and on. After just crossing the country (2 months, 9000 miles) on my Triumph Bonneville I’m looking forward to putting on some miles with this bike’s creature comforts.
I WILL be posting lots of pictures soon and I also am acquiring a TON of stock parts that I’ll be looking to unload…
Couple of questions

  1. Where or Can I source a Euro Twin light assembly for this bike?
  2. Does anyone if there are other bikes that rear suspension fits on? Was it the same suspension from 84-86?
  3. Any other ticks or fun facts I should know about the bike?

LASTLY! I just opened up a motorcycle storage / community workspace in Gowanus Brooklyn. Check out www.machinacycles.com for more info. I’d love to have any of you come in!

Speak soon!

Hello Brooklyn and welcome to the forum.

  1. The twin light setup was never offered in VF1000F-models, but only for VF1000F2 (never imported to USA) and VF1000R-models depending on the destination country. Since finnish markets got the single-light version of VF1000F2, I bought double headlight and fairing cradle from Germany via Ebay. You should be creative, if you wish to make the double headlight in F-model, both fairing and cradle may need some work. It would look good, though.
  2. Sorry, I do not know
  3. Geoff Johnson won Isle of Man TT in 1985 in Production machine Class, driving a VF1000F2

Thanks for the tips! So they changed the fairing from the VF1000F to the VF1000R. Damn. I was hoping that wasn’t the case. I really love the dual headlight. Gives the bike that late 70’s / 80’s racer feel. Hmm I’ll have to keep hunting for options and take a bunch of measurements to see what I can fit in what I have. The bike also have a custom lower fairing with a hand made bottom scoop. I’m going to just enjoy it for the first season and then start mucking around with paint jobs and small modifications (since it’s already been done over pretty well already).

For the dual headlights for the VF1000R’s are those just ebay finds, or does any company make aftermarket kits by any chance?