Hello, I'm Back!

Sorry for the lack of input lately guys. I’ve been put through the mill recently. Four trips to 2 different hospitals! I have been invaded by an unwanted guest(pancreatic cancer) and I was led to believe the scans showed it was operable, but when the op went ahead, it was discovered that it had spread further. So I underwent a different procedure to bypass the tumour which has taken some time to recover from(still not fully fit) and in the next ten days I shall be starting a couyrse of chemotherapy to try and shrink the bastard! However, I am a lot brighter than I was a month ago(that was a shitty xmas and new year, I can tell you) and I am forging ahead with my FE as fast as funds allow!

Keep up the good fight,and soon you will have the FE finished just like Me with My 98% FE

Hang on in there


Stay tough, I woud like to see the finished F, sounds ver professional job so far.

Good luck with it all scratcher, make sure you sort both the buggers out!

Hi SCRATCHER you keep going and fix both i know what your going thro[:D]

Well the engine cases have been away at the painters now for 4 weeks!!! I was told 10 days turn around, so as you can imagine, I’m a little peeved! But so as not to waste the time I have just taken the stanchions over to Phillpotts in Luton for re hard-chroming today and tomorrow I will be sorting all the powder coating bits and pieces. When the cases finally return, I can put the bottom end of the motor together again, then just the valve guides need to be replaced by a specialist and reamed to suit the new valves and I can rebuild the top ends, bolt them on and fit the motor back into the frame! Easy when you type it out innit!!