Hello anyone here

It has been quiet lately in here, but we “are” still here.

Who said that ? I thought I heard an echo-ie voice in the far distance of the cave ?

Yeah, Australia is in the far distance from you guys in the UK part of the cave!
Seriously though, it has been very quiet here for a while. Why is that, Northern winter?

Hello! it has been quiet lately, although I look on here almost everyday to see whats happening, and rarely post anything, winter has’nt kicked in properly yet, still riding till the ice comes, the council have been spreading the acid on the roads today so its not far off.

Youre still riding Phil ? Brave man. The Aussie ( and me ) stop riding if it drops below 15c. God knows how I used to ride through snow, thick fog and hailstorms when "I were a lad" Obviously getting a tart in my old age. Mind you I enjoy my bike riding more than ever these days even at 56 years old. Some of the UK CX boys are off to the French CX rally on the border near Basil next April - should be fun. Id prefer to be on the VF but the old 650 CX is a great little runner anyway.


Yes I’m still riding, this is the first winter in four years I’v decided to buy an old banger (car) to see me through, and that is because the last two winters have been more severe, to be fair our previous winters have been quite mild, I have only had one problem I recall with my visor icing up as I rode, having to stop every couple of miles to clear off the ice.
I use a Kawasaki gpz500 for commuting which I’v had for about seven years its been ravaged with the winter salt, it might be a future restoration project because I am getting a little tired of winter riding, I’m 51 and certainly no intentions yet of leaving bikes alone, more so when I saw a guy with a Fireblade visit my next door neighbour, when he climbed off the bike he looked like he should have stepped right into a zimmer frame, he can’t have been a day under 75!!

hello, yep still looking in when im not in garage polishing/cleaning and preparing bits of bike ready to spraying when temp lifts a bit, ive been told on good authority that next year is going to be red hot.[8D]… come to think of it same bloke told me 2009/10 was going to be a mild winter [:(][?] so maybe not[:D]