Hey all, I figure its about time to post something! Lol… I have been prowling through this site for awile now and the information content is awsome! Now a little about me, eight years ago I bought a 76 cb400f supersport. Sadly a car pulled out in front of me and shes now trashed. Fast-forward to last summer, I was set to rebuild the little 400 when I saw an ad for a 84 honda interceptor for$500. My wife was much happier with me getting a differewnt bike and never getting back on the one I wrecked! So last august (and after some bartering) I brought home a 1000f with 30k for $350.00! Yes… It was droped, it was missing parts, it didnt run but it had lots of potential!! So I have been tinkering here and there with it so itll be ready for this spring, so far I have re-built the carbs, repainted all the plastic (except for the belly fairing that was missing and I still havent made a new one), made my own topend oil mod, made new mufflers, recovered the seat, repaired all four turnsignal stems, replaced the pegs, valve adjustment, repaired miles of wiring the other owner fixed with an axe and many rolls of tape! There is still a bunch of loose ends but its coming together smoothly. Well anyways hi!

Hello, and welcome to the group of nice chaps bitten by VF1K-bug. Nice bikes, when you know what to do with them…
pekka from Finland