help needed urgent

Bike ran fine but now it will not fire at all.

Comments very welcome

my video link

Tacko needle jumps up and down like a pogo stick.
May be the key ignition as the lights only work on side lights when I turn the key to the left
Possible dirty contacts or corrosion.

Sounds like a problem we had with my FE a few weeks ago which turned out to be the smaller of the two igniters. Bif can confirm.


will get another
will check ebay first


Start with the basics Lloyd,do you have a spark at all four plugs?If not check the kill switch contacts before buying anything else,even with one igniter down it should fire on two cylinders.Regards BIF

I will check that next,
Think I am going to buy a new ignition switch as well to be on the safe side as I had a problem with the side lights which turned out to be the ignition switch key (wiggle it to the left to get the side lights on.
I did test all the switches early on and they all worked fine.
just got to be methodical in finding the culprit.
Its speaking to me as I type but I will not be beaten

Cheers Bif


Just another one of life’s little tests.

I am now certain that this is fuel starvation
I checked all the electrics with a decent multimeter and injected the ignition with wd40 and this made no difference.
But on the suggestion of a friend in a local shop said drain the float bowls to see if there is rust in inside them.</font id=“purple”>

The left front ran clear petrol
The second Dribbled Slowly but clear
The third Dribbled Rust
and the Forth didn’t dribble at all </font id=“blue”>

Think that Means Rust in the carbs from the old VF750 Tank</font id=“navy”>

So I will be fitting the Oiler Kit Upgrade as well as cleaning the carbs.

Now all I need now is a Ultrasonic cleaning tank and a sunny day.


forgot to add I got it running for a while after draining the float bowels.
I put it on reserve to get it going.

Carbs have got to come off for cleaning

Hi, after you’ve cleaned out the carbs and checked the tank for rust, I would replace the inline fuel filter located near to the fuel pump. This may be blocked causing starvation.


I had the exact same symptoms when I first got my VF, turned out to be an amazing amount of crud in the carbies!


thanks I cleaned and tested the fuel pump out a week ago by pumping fuel through it into a clear container and it had a load of brown rust in the bottom of the jug before fitting new clips and a new in-line filter which the previous owner failed to fit( got another for a spare)Like an idiot I should have serviced the carbs but Now I have a good excuse to fit crookys oil kit as well.
Will try and do it Saturday.

Word of advice Never trust a previous owners servicing

Have you seen the photos of a Vf tank I opened up last summer? somewhere else on this forum, this tank just dribbled contaminated crap, even when you put fresh fuel in, that itself becomes contaminated, which in turn clogs up your carbs, its a combo of biological crud and rust.

If your tank is badly rusted inside, to the extent that it continualy causes discorloration of the fuel, you will need to seal the inside of the tank.
I have done both my vf1000fe and F2 tanks with a POR15 motorcycle tank kit from frost restoration.
This stuff leaves a ‘silver’ finish which is also ok for use with ethanol.
There is just enough in the tin to coat the inside of the vf tank. (its a big tank!)

Included the above link for anyone who is interested.


Think I found the Culprit.
After taking off the carbs for cleaning
and fitting Crooky,s Reverse engineered Oil Mod Kit(Excellent)and
Fitting new rubbers and two genuine clips so now the bike runs better than before

The fuel pump was seizing inside.

Dismantled the pump and cleaned properly this time and now it seems to work for now.

Good job I fitted the see through filter under the seat for a clue to the problem. </font id=“green”>

Seem I Do need a Replacement Fuel Pump as my one runs but when it stops it will not restart

Hope its the final part</font id=“purple”>

Have you seen Mario’s fuel pump needed post under sales and wants, the contacts on the pump can be replaced with parts from wemoto. If this is the problem your pump.


If you don’t have any luck with you existing pump, take a look at the one listed here its from a ff model but I think they are the same.


Am waiting to hear back from 2 other members but its next on my list


Got a pump today from another member
Fitted it and its perfect

The correct pump is on the left and the incorrect one which is sticking is on the right

How hot does the regulator/rectifier get on these bikes.
My brothers a teacher in Topeka Kansas USA and he says they get very hot.