Help Needed

Please helppppp
How do these bits go together the internal fork rod and the top I assume that they should fit together but as I did not take apart do not have a clue.
I am sure someone with greater knowledge will know</font id=“size4”>

Also does anyone know where these bits fit as I dont Know photos of where the bits go would be great as cannot find in manual</font id=“size5”>

Any help will be greatfully recieved

the first picture (smaller res pictures please 800x600 max) is from the air fork on the right hand side. the threaded bit screws into the top of the stanchion ans the other bit pushes inside it .

the second picture shows I think on the right they bolt to the top and bottom of the big radiator in from the engine where the cooling fans fit.
on the left it looks like a seat catch and mounting plate behind the seat

Sorry dont know how to get the smaller res from photobucket
Thanks for the answers


just reduce the picture size in your camera to about 1.3 Meg or VGA quality then upload them
they upload faster too

I reckon the left fork has the air valve (TRAC side) and the other rod goes in the right fork between the underside of the position adjustment cap and then down into the middle of the fork.

I forgot the air cap it goes on the anti dive fork leg and the rebound adjuster on the right.[^]
I stand corrected

Hi, do you have a better photo of the part Windysolar describes as a seat catch in the second photo, I think it may be the bracket that holds the side stand safety rubber - the bit of rubber that is meant to flick the side stand up if you forget to raise it when moving off.

The larger part on the left in the second photo is from around the carb area and fits between the carbs and the front rocker cover, the bracket fitted to it holds the end of the choke cable from memory.

Cheers guys great help now realised why it was confusing because there were 2 sets of fork tops 2 rods and 2 sets of internal bits all in one box.
I assumed they all had to fit somewhere but with your help have now managed to assemble the forks/