Help on cooling fan

Hi everyone, I would like to do maintenance on the cooling fans of my VF1000F2 1985, they have lost power and are not cooling enough, the electric motors cannot be disassembled, do you have any suggestions?
I can find parts 19030/35-MB6-830 only used …

You can use the motors from the R model
19030-MJ4-405 and 19035-MJ4-405 both available from David Silver Spares in the U.K.
listed at €57.58 each
Be quick he only has one of each
Regards Bif

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Thanks Bif, unfortunately the parts are used …

Maybe do some more investigation? If the temperature gets too hot, the last point I would check, is the power of the electric motors of the fans. Only check if they are running or not.

Cmsnl also have the R motors,brand new if you are happy to part with €286.50 each

However Faxe is right is there power to the motors?
Remember also that one fan turns clockwise the other counterclockwise,if plugged into the wrong socket on the loom your fans will run backwards and not cool the rad as they should

Short out the thermo switch and see what the fans are doing

Thanks to all for the answers and sorry for my very bad english but i’m Italian!

To Faxe: the motors are running but the the feeling is that little air comes out, as if there is a loss of power… I think probably the bearings and bushings are no longer lubricated, the motor makes friction and the fan turns slower… this is the reason why I wanted to open them but they are sealed.

To bif: €286.50 for each is toooo much! I cannot spend this amount! The fun are running in the right way…

I think first of all I need to disassemble them and after we will speak about a solution …

Write you soon!

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When I rebuilt my boldor the cooling fans were running the wrong way, as bif says one runs clockwise and one anti clock wise, unfortunately just swapping the plugs over didn’t cure them, they still run the wrong way… then I remembered that I had used some fans from a different model of vf, may be an fe or ff, my conclusion is that either some of the other vfs fans are wired opposite or some one had had the propellers off previously and put them on the wrong motor bodies, so I popped the wires out of the multi plug and changed them over which sorted it, fans now run the correct way and the cooling system now works perfectly

From my opinion: The cooling system works better when riding. I don’t think the fans are able to cool it down. They just prevent overheating for some time.

I have got a digital thermometer in my oil pan. When I enter a city with hot engine, the temperature always rises. I have got a switch in parallel to the one at the radiator so I can activate fans in advance. Even there oil (and of course water) temperature are going up at low speed.
If you look at copper diameter of the 12V supply cables, I don’t think they are able to carry enough current needed for electric motors to produce enough wind with fans to cool the engine down.
If you can turn your fans quite easy with a finger, there is no need to replace them. It won’t result in better cooling.
Maybe install a switch or replace the thermo switch which one that operates at lower temperature.

Do you have trouble with overheating or is it just a nice to have operation?


I have a pair of fans spare if needed

When the bike has a reasonable fwd speed (above about 30kmh) the fans shouldn’t be running. Ram air cooling is far more efficient than the fans will ever be.

The VF does get hot quite quickly in slow traffic or when idling. The time to worry is if the temperature continues to rise when the fans are running. There is insufficient air flow from the fans alone to actually lower the temperature at low engine speeds due to the reduced coolant flow rate through the radiators.