hello my vf1000fe refuses to rev past 5rpm,it hesertates when you give it3/4 to full throttle,it seams to happen after about 15 mins rideing i,ve checked coils,pulse coils,r/r and cleaned carbs. any help greatly appreciated

Hi there,
has it always misbehaved since you got it? have you done any modifications to the bike? after market pipe and main jets perhaps? if so you could try removing the air box lid or removing the air intake snorkels in the front of the airbox.
if it’s all standard then try checking the float heights and main jets take it all back to standard check any of the diaphragms are not torn, it looks like you have tried everything eletrical so i’m guessing its the carbs. Good luck
Dave G

hello again at last i have fixed it after checking everythink over again i found the starter motor was the problem. thanks jenko.