So i purchased my bike a month ago and have been riding it but it had been sitting for 10 years… I change the oil filter antifreeze… but I never cheaked if the fuel filter was ok or the fuel tank well it wasnt I got stranded the tank had rust in it how can I fix this ??? I am thinking of pulling all my fuel lined replacing them but how about the tank ??? CLR ??? any advice would be greatly apreciated Thanks

Hi, cleaned an old tank out last year for use on my f2, it was real rusty inside but was not holed anywhere.
Started by removing filler cap, fuel tap and fuel level sender unit. Found a couple of rubber ends for walking sticks at a local store which were the correct size to act as bungs for the filler and sender holes. Made a small plate and gasket to blank off the fuel tap holes.
Cleaned tank out initially with plenty of hot soapy waster sloshed around inside of tank with a length of chain to give some abrasion (some people use nuts but I find these difficult to remove afterwards). I drained out tank and flushed with hose. Then made up a solution of ‘Hamerite rust removal dip’ mixed with water. One bottle can be diluted to give enough liquid to at least half fill the tank. This was left over night, then the tank turned and left a further night and so on until the entire inside of the tank had been left soaking at some point or other.
This removed almost all the rust. The solution was emptied out and again rinsed tank with hose.
I then used a POR15 tank cleaning/sealing kit purchased from ‘Frost Restorations’ this kit will give a petrol resistant coating to the inside of the tank - be sure to follow the instructions to the letter!

Hope this is of some use

Hi vf crazy, I have not done the tank cleaning but will try doing that thanks