Hey from newbie in Aus

Hey All
Thanks for the great forum,

I have just scored myself a vf1000ff here in Australia.
I’ve fancied a vf for years so I’m pretty chuffed to finally own one,

It’s the blue and silver version and has some work to be done.

Firstly, the previous owner has dropped a small clip into the motor when replacing the cam chain tensioner.

Any creative solutions apart from a complete tear down would be greatly appreciated.

Secondly, is the slimmer tail from other models a direct fit to the ff version. I’m not a fan of the deeper/heavier looking tail fairing and light on mine.

Thanks in advance.


Welcome Martin

Your are at the right place and plenty of experience at hand :+1:

Thanks man

Looking forward to contributing if I can.

I will be asking a lot of questions though.

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Hi Martin and welcome to the forum. Lots of help on here, all you have to do is ask. Better to ask a silly question rather than make a silly mistake. Tail fairing is not a direct fit but others on here have managed to swap the tails over with some modifications. I suppose it will depend on how far you want to go and what skills you have. Try pulling the sump off the bottom of the motor to see if the clip is in there and give it a good clean while you are there. If not I would get one of those small magnets (assuming that the clip is steel) on a flexible wire and carefully put it down from the top where the camchains run and hope you get lucky. You could also pull the side covers off the engine and try to get it from there. If you can’t get it using the magnet then the best and really the only safe way is to strip the motor. Not an easy job but you will get to see the condition it’s in. What state are you in? I’m in SA.

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Thanks for taking the time to reply John.

I have done a few restoration s before and regard myself as an ‘accomplished amateur’ so I’m comfortable with a few mods to make the tail fit. Are the seats the same unit?

I’ll go through the techniques that you suggested to retrieve said clip and hopefully luck will be on my side.

Once I’ve got it running well I intend to do a front end swap as the forks are a little sorry. Hopefully I can find a set of usd and mag wheels to suit the overall look of the bike.
Are any of the members still doing spacers etc for fitting more modern wheels?

Thanks again.

Gooday Martin,
welcome to the frustrating, but ultimately satisfying world of VF ownership! I was looking at what I think was the VF you bought- the one that had a rough sidecar fitted? Hope you got it for a good price? I have a blue silver FF also, down in Canberra, a few around still ridden in Canberra and Sydney.
The flexi magnet is a good idea to try to retrieve the spring, sump off is pretty easy, and good to check and clean anyway for peace of mind.
Do you know what the clip is- size and shape? May be worth making a small hook out of a long bit of fencing wire and fishing from the head down the tunnel? You can get those little cameras with flex head from Supercheap?
I know the previous owner said in his ad for the bike that the cam chains were rattly. It would be worthwhile for you to check condition of cam lobes, and chrome surface on the rockers, especially if you end up pulling the motor down?
Re wheel and fork replacement- there are plenty of posts here about fitting CB 600F wheels, and possible forks, including VT1000.
Re bodywork change to FE style, there are also forum posts about conversion, it’s not quite as easy as you’d think to do a proper job. I have both FE and FFs here if you need measurements etc.
If you want to talk message me and I’ll give you my number.
Best of luck with your VF fishing

Hey Greg
Thanks for taking the time to reply. Great to hear you’re in Canberra.

Yes, you’re absolutely right, I bought the vf with the sidecar. (I didn’t buy the side car)
It is pretty complete if a bit tired.

I have a few other projects to get finished before I tackle the missing spring and clip. I’ve wanted a vf for some time and intend for it to be my ‘ultimate’ project. I love the motor and they way they look.

I may take you up on the offer of taking a look at both of yours regarding the tail. Joe’s have a vf in the back yard that has the correct tail so I’m tempted to see if they will let me lob the subframe off and weld it to mine. (if the mods are too complicated to make the change another way)
First off however, I will get it on the road and ride it for a bit to find its ‘issues’

Do you have one Roadworthy?
Thanks again for you help so far.


Hi Martin , yes, my 85 FF is on the road on NSW classic rego, about $60 buck sa year, it’s a great scheme. Give me a call if you want to chat, I’ll be busy this morning 0428 298 994, cheers Greg

Hi Martin,
I pulled out an old set of crankcases to check out where the clip was likely to have gone. If it was dropped down the cam chain opening and went all the way down then it should be in the sump. Provided it did not catch up on anything on the way down. Pulling the sump is probably the easiest of the things you can do. I hope this works out for you. I have a few bikes in various stages of operation. (Fe’s. Ff’s. and one F2f. Rolling frame.) If you need anything just ask and I can see what I’ve got.

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Hey Jovimill

Thats so kind of you to go to the effort for me, thank you.

I am just finishing up a couple of other projects and then I will be able to concentrate on the vf.

I’ll start a project thread on here.
Thanks again, really good of you to look for me.

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Martin, FYI, there’s a blue silver with FE tail on FB marketplace now for you to see how it looks- owner may have details of fitting?

Hey, thanks for this.
I’ve been away so sorry i hadn’t replied earlier.

No worries Martin, FYI, I will be picking up Peters R roller when I get a chance. Keep in touch

Hey Greg

Hope youre well.
Apologies for the long delay, i had business complications to deal with and the bike got squirreled away.
Im back working on it npw.

Did you say that you’d picked up vf1000r roller to play with?
How’s that going?

Gooday @Martinaus
Yes, picked up a roller, but then had some amazing luck and picked up an almost complete RE in parts from Melbourne.
I’m reassembling that bike now, it had been in bits for at least 10 years.

Wow mate, that looks superb.

Love your organised shelves by the way!

Ha! organised! you should see the chaos up close- my going rides 85 FF 1000, 80 xt250 G. another Yam IT 175 G to restore one day, another 85 FF spares bike, dismantled FE, the "original RE 1000 and another rolling RE chassis in bits. Oh and some really weird bits like 1947 Royal Enfield J motors and parts…
The trouble having so many VF parts is that when I go to fit parts onto this RE rebuild, I go through all the parts looking for the best bits - can take quite a while. I spose that’s a luxury really!