Hey from newbie in Aus

Hey All
Thanks for the great forum,

I have just scored myself a vf1000ff here in Australia.
I’ve fancied a vf for years so I’m pretty chuffed to finally own one,

It’s the blue and silver version and has some work to be done.

Firstly, the previous owner has dropped a small clip into the motor when replacing the cam chain tensioner.

Any creative solutions apart from a complete tear down would be greatly appreciated.

Secondly, is the slimmer tail from other models a direct fit to the ff version. I’m not a fan of the deeper/heavier looking tail fairing and light on mine.

Thanks in advance.


Welcome Martin

Your are at the right place and plenty of experience at hand :+1:

Thanks man

Looking forward to contributing if I can.

I will be asking a lot of questions though.

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Hi Martin and welcome to the forum. Lots of help on here, all you have to do is ask. Better to ask a silly question rather than make a silly mistake. Tail fairing is not a direct fit but others on here have managed to swap the tails over with some modifications. I suppose it will depend on how far you want to go and what skills you have. Try pulling the sump off the bottom of the motor to see if the clip is in there and give it a good clean while you are there. If not I would get one of those small magnets (assuming that the clip is steel) on a flexible wire and carefully put it down from the top where the camchains run and hope you get lucky. You could also pull the side covers off the engine and try to get it from there. If you can’t get it using the magnet then the best and really the only safe way is to strip the motor. Not an easy job but you will get to see the condition it’s in. What state are you in? I’m in SA.

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Thanks for taking the time to reply John.

I have done a few restoration s before and regard myself as an ‘accomplished amateur’ so I’m comfortable with a few mods to make the tail fit. Are the seats the same unit?

I’ll go through the techniques that you suggested to retrieve said clip and hopefully luck will be on my side.

Once I’ve got it running well I intend to do a front end swap as the forks are a little sorry. Hopefully I can find a set of usd and mag wheels to suit the overall look of the bike.
Are any of the members still doing spacers etc for fitting more modern wheels?

Thanks again.