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Hi to every one I am about to collect a 1985 vf1000f that I have purchased on e bay I know the earlier vf1000 suffer cam issues, I know there were modifications available and that a lot of the earlier vf were taken in to have these fitted can anyone tell me what to look for to see if these mods have been done at all and also anything else to look out for as the bike as been standing a few years so I will drain oil fit filter, new plugs ,and strip and clean carbs, new fuel, what oil is best for these and is it worth fitting a lower temp switch to enable the cooling fan to cut in earlier any advice would be fantastic this bike is bog standard except neta silencers

hi paul,
welcome to the forum, if your bike is a 85/86 vf1000ff (18"front wheel and thermostat housing on right hand side) i think all the modifications that honda did would be on this model as standard, as the engine top end, cams and followers changed significantly between the early fe and later ff models.
I think you have got most things covered in your post, could probably add rust in tank and fuel filter… 10/40 semi synthetic oil for me, keep us posted on your efforts to get the bike started, with pics if poss’

good luck

Hi vf Pete and thanks for the welcome am picking the bike up Friday will try to find out if it as the 16 or 18 inch wheel in the front its a c reg so either late 85 or early 86 will post some photos when I get it back and then do a weekly update just praying its been modified or else will need to strip and renew

Bienvenue sur le forum, Paul!

Hi guys and thanks for the welcome as I have not yet picked up the bike I am trying to determine the exact model by the colour scheme my bike as a silver and red colour scheme and red seat unit it appears by the pictures to be totally standard except for the neta aftermarket silencers I have bought this via ebay after searching for one for a while I fully expect to have to do a fair bit of work on it as it as been sitting for some years covered up in a garage the previous owner stated that it was sitting in their workshop getting in the way and they have not even tried to start it and want it out of the way. I am slightly dubious of this but even if it is a right bag of pooh I will try my hardest to reinstate this bike onto the road hopefully with help from all you guys I was a Suzuki mechanic for 4 years in the 90s and have knowledge of inline fours but no v4 engines have rebuilt tl1000 lumps but nothing like this. I believe my bike may be the ff model and should have the cam conversions and oil feed issues modified and also a 18 inch front wheel but if someone with knowledge could set this in concrete for me that would be one less thing I have to worry about chomping at the bit now to pick it up it appears to be in good condition with no dents cracks or anything to fairing and tank, so if anyone can shed some light on this it would be much appreciated

regards Paul

hi paul,
if its the red and silver one from fulham, its a ff

cheers Pete and it is that one , did you see it on flea bay and what were your thoughts, will soon know what it is like

regards Paul

hi paul, yes i saw it on ebay, there seems to have been quite a few going through this last few months, it looks a decent bike as long as the engine is serviceable, i think the clip-ons are from a vf1000r, it looks pretty much complete so just a matter of restoring/repairing whats there,