home made 4 into 1 into 2.

My collector box on my 85 1000f2 rusted and burnt out, what a shame, so I finally had to make the thing I was wanting to make for quite some time. I bought a few tight radius exhaust donuts, put a metal cutoff wheel in my compound mitre saw, bought an elcheapo gasless mig off evilbay and went to it. the result is astounding, I am already running kitted carbs, chunky cams and after market cans but the new pipe system has changed the power curves quite a bit more than I expected. I dont know how to upload pickies on here so if any one can help me with that I will do it. So the 4 primary pipes come in together in a block 2 above the other all into one collector and the other end of the collector splits into two for the after market cans to hang off and to keep it aesthetically pleasing to the optic nerve. sounds good too, if I may say so myself… Ray.

Hi Ray,
To post pics first of all you need to upload them to a picture hosting site, say Photobucket.
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