Honda carb revision kit

On a recent trawl through I came across this kit listed as 16020-mb6-000 although the picture shows the suffix as -600.
The kit looks to contain all that is needed to convert E model carbs to the vent to atmosphere system of the later F type.
Along with blanking plugs for the plenum,the kit also contains new main jets and pistons.
For Honda to produce such an item would suggest to me that there are real benefits to be had from the later system.
Your thoughts gentlemen?
Regards Bif

I’d have to agree, it sounds like they would not have bothered if there was not a benefit.

That said, motivation could be more along the lines of a revision that fits all models, thus closing off having to stock or produce multiple parts.

That’s a fair point,it could be Honda rationalising spares stock.
However I was rereading an article in Australian Bike mag about a modified FE and one of the mods was to vent the float chambers to atmosphere.This required rejecting and there are jets included in this kit.
So I made a daft offer and had it accepted.
I have to say my curiosity got the better of me but at less than the cost of 3 diaphragms it makes financial sense.
Regards Bif

So the kit arrives,a set of 115 main jets are included.
This kit is suited to the FE which runs 150/145 mains.
The FF and F2 use 110’s but have float chambers vented to atmosphere.
Also included is a set of carb pistons,I have as yet to compare the size of the holes on the bottom face with those of the FE and FF carbs.
The F model was quoted as producing 116bhp as compared to the E at 113.
Cam profiles are the same as are timing and advance curves,so is the increase down to this simple mod?
Regards Bif