Honda VF1000 crankshaf bearing needed

Im looking for crankshaft bearing in my 1984 VF1000 this is the only thing missing to make it run again can anyone advise me where to find halve already tried ebay with no luck feeling hopeful

is it a main bearing or a big end bearing shell you want , the bearing shells are different sizes they are also coloured on the sides but that as usually worn off old shells there is a thread on here somewhere to determine what size shell each journal is fitted with, there are numbers put on the cylinders in paint which denote the mains sizes and numbers on the inner crankcases that denote big end size if you have a Honda workshop manual this also gives you the required info

hi krumms,

welcome to the forum, as paul says, there are a number of different sizes to both the main and conrod bearing shells, some of the most popular sizes are now obsolete, CMS in the netherlands will be your best bet, alternativly if it is main bearings you require, ZZR1400 main bearing shells come in the correct size, they arn’t a straight fit as the bearing tang is on the other side and so will require some modification of the crank cases… i haven’t as yet fitted these bearings myself, but the next motor i rebuild that requires mains will get zzr’s
hope this helps