Honda VF1000R For Sale

Thinking about selling my Honda VF1000R as I can’t commit to a full restoration. It was originally bought at the start of last year as a working restoration project but due to work commitments I can’t follow through on it.

It has given me some great rides over summer and gets attention wherever it goes.

The bike is situated in Kent and only available for physical viewing on weekends.

It’s a 1985 model and has just over 17,000 miles on the clock.

It is in full working order with no issues and it has everything original in good condition. No major cracks or issues with fairing, exhausts in good condition.

I am looking for £6500. Please get in touch for more pictures and information. I will add to this as I get time and the opportunity.

I also have a twin headlight with surround available.

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Hi there do you still have the Bike and if so would it be possible to see Photos, long story short my Uncle sold his this past couple of years which was unbeknonst to me. Had I know I would have had it, & I am trying to track it dow kind regards Brian