Hope to ressurect VF1000


Hi there…
My name is Rex and i am from land of Latvia.
some 6 years back i managed to return to motorcycles and bought myself 1986 vfr750 as my first proper sized bike. fell in love with that v4 and ended up having 97 vfr as addition. anyway, long story short, i was offered 1984 vf1000f in good visual state for a great price, but bike had major flaw. bad crankshaft.

so anyway i bought new crank with rods from an F2, because mainly F are none around.
was a bit affraid they wont bet compactible for a while. but they do look identical

so here is the question. i need crank bearings. i checked service manuals diameters are the same, but part numbers are different(same with cranks, that i noticed after purchasing it)
i was going from Coding on engine and crank. and i have AAAA 2111
at cmsnl i’m looking at these bearings from F2 since F doesnt have them anyway
13314MB6680 x2
13315MB6680 x2
13325MB6680 x4

thing is, i want to be sure before i dump 100+ euros and realise it wont fit. dont make that much money :smiley:

giving it a second look i think i could get
six pieces of 13315MB6003
but i still need
two pieces of 13314MB6003 cmsnl has only one

would apreciate help, because i dont want to crap this bike, and new engine is a bit too much

also i’m building this bike with my dad, and that means a lot to me too

PS: tried to upload more pics but since i’m noob i cant. here’ s the link from other forum i had this for a while


Hi and welcome!

Sorry, but I can’t really help here, one of the grown ups will be along in a minute though, and they should be able to help.

I think I recall someone saying that there are big end shells from a Jaguar that are the same spec, if all else fails, but I’ll let one of the more knowledgeable members confirm that.

All the best for your project,



I did some more snooping around internet and that size i am missing fits from original crank i had with bad rod bearing. Will check it and hopefully reuse it


Hi Rex,I guess I must count as one of the grown ups as I’m rapidly heading towards old age.
First off the cranks are totally interchangeable,PAJ is running an F2 crank in his FE.
If new shells are available use them,the F2 shells only differ in using plain rather than grooved bearings on the inner two journals.
You are only building this once so use the best parts you can afford.
We look forward to seeing the finished results
Best regards Bif


I will probably piss off purists with girder for


Not a problem,there are few purists here.
I have a habit of changing my bikes to suit myself,not always to everyone’s taste but at least it’s another VF up and running.


Yeah my rc24 has cbr1000f wheels and 1991 zx9r upper fairing with dual round headlights.
RC36 has rc45 tail with 900rr suspension and crf450 numberplate on front.
Also 400cc bros(hawkgt japanese version) thats just a pile of random honda parts and aluminium fuel cell under aprilia tank skin.
I tend to mod the hell out of my bikes.

My eventual plan is to build a muscle bike with retro futuristic looks to it. Think about futuristic bike built in early 80’s. While listening to synthwave like Gunship or Magic Sword, Nina.

As ling as its V4 im interested


[Cough] Pictures please[/cough]


pictures of what? :smiley:


The Bros, the VFRs, etc.
You can’t just go describing modified bikes without pictures!

Standards, man!



as for VF

main bearings ordered from CMSNL. so did the gasket kit arrived from Japan
sent dad a pic of gasket kit, he sent me back pic of engine disassembled

as for the bike itself,


and this is aproximate idea i would like to do it. while keeping it reversable to stock


my vfr rc36, so far this is my most favourite bike i have


here ya go
my track bros project. mostly frankenstein parts from various hondas, and some custom stuff in there


my rc24 with kawi front. there’s different pipe now