Hot Starting Problem

Hi all, I had the bike out for a run today, when I got home I switched it off then tried to start it again, no joy sounded sluggish like a flat battery or lazy starter, however after 10-15 minutes I went back to it and it fired straight up? Any ideas what might be th eproblem, I’m thinking earth. Cheers Wayne

I would start by pulling the starter and checking the brushes. Worn brushes can cause a weak starter when hot also check battery before and after a drive could be a slight charging problem.

Thanks for the reply, starter was fine when the bike cooled down, also I had it rebuilt only a few months ago, battery had more than enough power to start bike after 10 minutes.

ive started to think that some of these starter motor issues may be down to bad earths… i cant find it at the moment but someone recently mentioned running a earth lead from the starter directly to the battery… sounded like a good idea to me, and wouldn’t break the bank if it didn’t work

That’s what I was thinking, will try running a new earth direct to battery and see if it helps. Thanks

Hi Wayne, welcome to the “Sluggish Starter Motor Club” mine is doing exactly the same, I too am going to try an extra lead. Phil.

Me too.

the reason they slow is the commutator that the brushes rub against gets full up with carbon over years of use,and then each part of the independent coil wires which are attached to the commutator ,about 30 in total cannot produce rotation. (sluggish starter motor)

I rebuilt mine with new brushes and its sweet.

use a fine blade to clean between the commutators segments and use fine emery paper on the surface, then clean it.[8D]

after yesterdays ride out and subsequent failure to hot start on my arrival back to base[:(!], i decided to fit the extra earth wire direct from battery to starter motor… I CAN’T BELIEVE IT !!!.. been out and done about 40 miles this evening, got the bike well warmed up, returned to base… switch off wait ten seconds switch on and VRRROOOM… not a bit of hesitation.
Will have to do some more testing before i dare go on a long run where i may have to switch off to re-fuel but first impressions look good.[:D]

Pete where did you fit the earth wire to on the starter? I was going to run a wire from battery earth to the connection on top of starter motor, but would this not cause the starter to be live all the time?

I bought a refurb kit for the starter from the States, the starter is now very much reliable, hot starting is not a problem, unfortunately the kit had the wrong needle roller bearing and “O” ring seals.

hi davie, i just fastned a lead from the battery earth to the lower one of the two starter motor mounting bolts, its not been as successful as i first thought though [:(!]
i have another vf starter that came with some other stuff i picked up a while ago so will try that one while i take the original starter off and give it another good clean