"hotwiring" ignition for engine test on skeleton bike?

Hi all,
I just bought an 85 model VF 1000 F model in bits as spares for my own similar model. The engine is still in the frame with wiring attached and carbs on and I`d like to install exhaust and give it a run and see what it sounds like. I pulled the cam covers off and the cams look like they had just been done cause of the condition, and the fact that the cam housings had been hand marked, everything is very clean!

Im pretty excited with this one, looks like the previous owner maintained a good bike until around 2001, then pulled the bike to bits and repainted and replated, reconditioned brakes and everything except the motor and frame. So my question is, as Ive got no key for the ignition, and dont want to remove my own bikes ignition switch, is there an easy way to hotwire the ignition so I can start and run the bike?

The easiest way I can think of is to take the 3 screws out of the switch base,and remove.
You can turn the connector plate with a screwdriver.
You will need to press the plate down with a packer and tape in place.
You can find the code for the key stamped on the barrel of the lock it’s the last 3 digits A B or C followed by two numbers.
Any good locksmith on the high street can cut it for you
Regards Bif

Hi Bif,
great, thanks. In the meantime Ive checked out more of the motor and bits that I bought, got a great deal and came with a hydraulic bike lifter thrown in. Now I know I can bypass the lock Ill fit exhausts etc and fire it up.
Thanks again for your help ;D