How can I improve my front brakes ?

I took my 1000FF out today for a little jolly and what a joy it was in the spring sunshine around the lanes of north Wiltshire. However, having spent a week recently on a modern Italian bike I was horrified at how poor the front brake is on this trusty stead. I’ve got steel brake hoses and plenty of meat on the pads ( although I don’t know their heritage as they came with the bike when I bought it ) plus solid - ish lever pressure, so what else should I be looking at to bring them within the “Trade Descriptions Act” :-\


you could try changing the pads
When I rebuilt my forks 4 years ago,the calipers had goodridge braided hoses fitted and being honest they are the best brakes Ive had on any bike.
But the rear is s h i t e something to do with stopping 400kilos of weight and that’s just the bike ;D :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

hi martin,
that’s the only problem with having modern machinery, it make the old stuff look bad,
I think a mini service is all you need to be doing so close to the stafford show, pump the pistons out and grease, new pads, and clean the discs with wet and dry.

Thanks gents, I’ll do those things you suggest and then pick up a new set of pads from the show this weekend.
Watch this space.


Also make sure the caliper pins are well greased, they need to slide freely on those pins for the brakes to work properly.

Thanks Tony, I have since checked the callipers and the pins were nicely lubricated. I believe the problem lies with a very slight weep past the piston seals which has got onto the pads.