how do I make it go fast

My vf1000f2f is a nice bike but it is far from rapid, It sok to tour round on but it would be nice if it went it revs but the bike just doesnt move in time with the music if you know what I mean its just too slow !
is there anyone on here who can breathe on bikes and make them a bit more rocket and less cannal barge?

Sure your clutch isn’t slipping? I don’t think these were ever going to knock off a modern sports bike but they are certainly no canal barge in the performance stakes.
What have you been riding before this bike? Maybe something with a lot more horsepower?

Are you sure its running right,both mine go near as well as my much modified FJ1200 acceleration in right gear will stretch arms and still pull like a train in any gear.Not rocket ship,but a whole lot better than some of their contemporarys.

What do you call fast ? These bikes are over 25 years old, and quite heavy compared to today’s machines. When new, the factory promised about 230 kmh top speed, and 400 metres was done in 11…12 seconds, German versions were slightly slower with their 100 hp compared to 116 in most market areas. The engile likes revs, it runs quite nice above 5500 rpm being enough fast for me.

Hi, my bike has done 23000 miles, I have just brought it back to life after being stood for 11 years or so, I serviced the engine then had a dyno run check, the guy reset my carbs and it pulled 100 bhp at the back wheel, alot of modern retros only have that and they are quick,. I had a brand new xjr1300 and it was very quick, but I also have a zzr1200 and that is 160 bhp and space rocket compared to the vf1000, however my vf will lift its front wheel in first just from acceleration not bouncing the throttle or dropping the clutch and I way 100 kg. If your vf is slow its either not set up right or you have just part exed it with an R1. It should rev right thru the red line and get there fast in all gears. take it in for a tune up , you will get a more exiting bike and better fuel consumtion.

ok wel will see if i can find someone who knows these bikes who can sort it , when i first got it it would just about do 138 now its about 98 and then it takes some winding up to get there , dont think it gets close to red line anywhere and certainly no risk of the front wheel lifting unless tjere is someone on the back … er no that was on the rt come to think of it ,

Sounds as though carb diaphragms could be full of holes prob getting bigger with use’