I was told my front tyre pressure should be 32-35 if riding 2 up and about 40-41 on the back . almost all my riding is 2 up with one of my daughters on the back . My tyres seem to have gone away pretty quickly only done 1500 miles since I got the bike . Anyway what would you recommend for tyres for this f2f ?

36 front and 42 rear are recommended. But if you use ‘soft’ rubber and do a lot of riding with a passenger then tyre life will be reduced. When I were a lad, using Conitsport tyres, I could wear a rear out in 2,500 miles!! Now, with a less aggressive style of riding, a set of Bridgestones should last 4-5000 miles for the rear and maybe 50% more for the front.

For a more modern tyre that grips very well in wet and dry, lasts very well too, I’d strongly recommend Avon Roadriders. They are designed with the big classic motorbike in mind and it shows in use.