How long?

Before I commit to stripping my VF1000F2 down for a complete rebuild, I thought I would see what experience others before me have had. Obviously money is an issue and can stall a project. Sourcing parts that you didn’t know you needed before breaking the bike down may also delay getting the bike back on the road. I have been sourcing fairings and cosmetics for the last year in preparation for restoration. My bike still rides well, but is tired. How long is a realistic time-frame for a rebuild and when is the right time to take a bike off the road? Thoughts appreciated.

The time needed is really up to your schedule, and how many evenings a week you want to sit in your garage.
I made a frame-up restoration to my 750 S, it took about one and half years. But, I really did it slowly. I have done this and that to my BolD’or during last five winters, one to three evenings a week: First winter was busiest: wheel bearings, new paint, front work seals, general fixing, checking things. Last year I did an engine overhaul, and it took suprisingly long with hunting the parts (you cannot know right bearings without opening the engine) which were not always easy to find. For this winter I planned carb overhaul, new bushings to front forks and adjusting the fairing gage to make plastics sit perfectly. Seems to take whole winter again, but as said I do not spend all free time in the garage.