How Many Links in a Chain

Just bought a chain and sprocket set from A & R racing 110 links 17/43 sprockets. All as Clymer hand book.
Having been caught before with odd bits I checked the sprockets on the Bike. No probs 17/43 matched the stuff in the box OK. :slight_smile: Problem chain too short to join. Checked new chain = 110 links. Checked old chain= 114 links :frowning:
My Chassis no is SC15 2100971. Did the length of the swing arm change at some time?

hi smithy,

thats a downer, i think the ff and f2f’s had a longer swing arms than the earlier fe model, that frame number looks like a later model (ff or f2f) im just on with trying to re-register a ff frame which i believe is a E reg ff, its frame number is only a few digits away from yours, if you dont mind me asking what year is yours on ?

Yep, Ff and F2f had 114 link chains.