I had a weak moment and put her up for sale

The why, I need to start unloading motorcycles. I have too many and I just can’t keep up with the maintenance and the cost is not pleasant either with 5 bikes. So I started with my 1982 XL500R enduro fixed everything it needed and the first person that showed up bought it on the spot. Very happy for him because he was a young man in his late 20s and he will be able to ride that machine as it was intended.

On with the VF1000R, same different here I worked hard to fixed everything it needed and up for sale it went. 1 week went by and although I described all of the modification, all the replacement parts and suspension upgrades, etc. and even pointed to the forum website where everything is documented there was just not enough interest on it.

1 week had 1 person inquire but want at a cheap price. 2 week 1 person was interested but wanted the red, white and blue colors. Here I believe that the pearl white on it now should have been done by Honda initially instead of the VFR750F but that is my option that works for me.

So after realizing people are not into an upgraded old bike or will offer you much less than the asking price I pulled out. Looking at it every day pretty much brought my sanity back and why sell a bike with no issues, ride superb, strong running motor and well taken care I decided to keep it. I have 2 other bikes that I will focus on selling instead.

Beside why would anyone want to sell this;

Like I said I had a weak moment and now I’m really glad I did not sell her.

She sure is a beauty. Glad you didn’t sell her ;D

Can I use these pics for the Facebook page?

Yeah, I’m happy that I backed out. Now I’m on the hunt for the twin headlight set up.

Yes, absolutely you can use the pics for the facebook page. You have my blessing.