Import or not an import-that is the question

I’m selling my VF1000rg on ebay at the moment (no takers yet though depite its castrol colours)but it has always baffled me why it has kph clocks.
The clocks look like they’ve always been there with no sign of damage or un-virginal fixings and when I bought it was told something along the lines of --intended for the italian market but then diverted to the uk for sale.(still didn’t make sense why kph)
Can anyone help explain why on the ownership it has matching date of manufacture and first used in this country as well as the right frame and engine numbers but Kph clocks?
Hope someone can help solve this


Thats funny 'cos I was just looking at your bike on ebay, I’m sure I’ve seen it before - did you buy it off ebay last year?

It must be an import - a VF1000RG on the road in the UK is a very rare beast if yours IS an RG, it’s a real shame it is not original - the original RG Rothmans Team colours define the RG model, If I was to buy yours I would want to restore it to original Rothmans Team colours which would cost a bundle to do.

You have to beg the question why did someone repaint it in non original colours. It must have been dropped or damaged and required a repaint and the owner went for something “different”. Do you have the frame number of the bike?

An original RG in the UK would be worth £3,000+

I’m going to update the UK VF1000 audit from the dept of transport shortly and it will be interesting to see if your RG is included in their numbers of VF1K’s taxed last year, in 04-05 there were no RG’s on the road in the UK according to the dept of transport.


Hi Pete. I know of one vf1000rg on the road during that time. Thats mine,(although its been in my front room since November).It was imported from the USA and first registered in 1991, but the DVLA have it registered just as a 1000cc Honda, no model stated on the V5. No doubt that might be down to the dealer that imported it and registered it.
Cheers. another Pete.
PS. Its the usual RWB colours, not the Rothmans.

Hi Pete,

Yeah I’ve heard of American G models in the original colours, you got any pics of yours? Is there anything else that distinguishes it from an RE or RF?

I expect there are a few cases of mistakes on the V5, mostly on imported bikes.


Hi Pete.
Not sure of the differences between RF an RG models. Can’t seem to post pictures on this site, but did post a picture on back in November on the ‘welcome’ page/thread.
Cheers. Pete (another)