In Memorial to Scratcher

I am joining the forum with a VF1000 interceptor 1984 which is not actually mine it was my mates who you might have known on the forum as scatcher (chris).
Unfortunately he passed away earlier this year with cancer but I have taken on the project he started in 2007 to complete it hopefully for his widow.
I got it as a shed fully of bits which are now in my garage and so far I have built the engine from numerous parts and now waiting for parts to come back from the painters.
Chris had sourced parts from all over the world to build this with original parts but even run out of energy and time and his fight against cancer to get past collecting all the bits.
Everything is there it is just knowing where to put everything.
I will post some pictures when it gets near completion.

I will help if i can,I met Chris and he was a sound Guy.When i had the tour of the shed I was well impressed by his attitude to his re-build,as good or better than new or not at all.He helped me out so if i can return the favour then i will gladly.

A very noble and thoughtful gesture. I am sure there will be plenty of help from members should you need it. There are a lot of knowledgable people within this forum. The very best of luck. The pictures look great so far.[8D]

That’s not good news… I’ve never met him in person, only here on the forum. He was always very helpful.
Pictures look great, keep up the good work!