In Situ camchain replacement

How hard is this to do? Is it actually achieveable with the engine in the bike or out of the frame?
I’ve a 55k mile motor as a replacement, and apparently before it was parked up the chains were “a little noisy”

I’ve new chains sitting on the shelf, and rivet links for these, but is it too hard a job to do without splitting the engine?

If it is i’ll save that til i refurb engine no2…

It’s a bit tricky but it can be done with the engine in the frame.I say tricky 'cos you have to have a good riveting tool and be very careful not to put a hard point in the chain. Also, you’ll appreciate a second pair of hands if you’re not a clone of Shiva…

Might make it worth doing then. I’ve a good rivetting tool, and the correct rivet links.

Any pointers on the best method to do this?