Insolator plate on the carburators

Hi folks

I am in the progress of removing my carbs to check the filters & jets However I have come across a problem with getting the bastards out. So I have loosen all the bands on the inlet rubbers, I have disconnected the choke cable,removed the fuel line, disconnected the throttle cables from the retaining bracket but not the carbs because I cant get to the point of connection yet.
I have looked at the insulator plate but do I need to remove it ( really not sure why it is there or what it doe`s).
Now my question is – do I just lever the carburettor’s out or an I missing something?.

Hi Bert, just lever the carbs out, make sure you have fully loosened all the screws on the carb inlet rubbers, don’t remove the aluminium plenium chamber, that is designed to hold all the carbs together… I prefer to lever the front carbs off first , but others prefer to lever the rear carbs first.