Isle Of Man TT 2024

Just putting it out there. My VF got me to the TT this year, I’m here til Sunday are there any other VF folk here this year? - if so would you like to meet up?

Bike at the IOM grandstand strip


Nice one dave, your vf is looking well, the tt or manx is something thats on my bucket list, hope you enjoy the racing and atmosphere :+1:t2:

Yep its been great thanks, despite the mixed weather there has been some really good racing. Been able to get within a few of feet of the track as they are racing by which quite something.

Took a run over the mountain this evening and going up I was the only one on the track until just before the top which gave a fantastic feeling of open space.
Ended up completeing a full lap of the track before heading home.

Not seen another VF of our era so far despite there being just about everthing else.

This was on my bucket list as well and i can highly recommend it.

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Hey, nice bike. I’m planning something similar. Could you post some pictures here?
Thanks Peter

Glad you like it there are more pics in the Owners Lounge under ‘VF cafe new paint’